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britney spears jason split up

Britney Spears Called Off Engagement With Jason Due To “The X Factor”

It looks 2013 brings some tough challenges in the life of pop star Britney Spears. Lately, there are lots of rumors coming from the different sources regarding the official and personal life of Britney Spears. Over the weekend, we have first learned Britney officially announced to leave “The X Factor” show, and now it is reported Britney Spears and her fiancé Jason have called to quit their a year long engagement relationship.

britney spears jason split up

The rumors started after Britney announced not to follow “The X Factor”, and to focus on her own music in the studios. Moreover, on the same day Britney also reported the split up with Jason. They have called off their engagement, and decided to attempt their own ways in the future life. According to sources near Britney and Jason reported they have called off their engagement due to arguments on “The X Factor” season drop out. The sources have claimed both decided to call off engagement move on their own ways in the future. As told by Britney’s reps, she talked with Jason and called off the engagement both were happy to quit the year-long relationship in favor to avoid future fights.

We are shocked to know why Jason and Britney quits their relation for “The X Factor”. Britney also took its website blog to announce the difficult decision of her regarding their life and musical career. Britney is reported to be in talks with several TV producers, and reportedly in final discussions to host another TV program in Vegas. In addition to their split up news, we have learned both are still connected with each other, and according to Britney they will stay good friends.

Jason Trawick was the more manager of her then lover, and after the long affair of Jason Trawick and Britney Spears both will be careful to not engage anymore with each others decisions. Both Britney and Jason were in the relationship of engagement for a least one year, but it looks the new season of The X Factor brings lots of tough decisions for Britney in her life.

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