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The Lion King Musical Tickets

Difference Between The Lion King and The Lion King Musical

Lion King is a great story which was released back in the year 1994. It became popular instantly and its popularity promises it to last forever. Experiencing this breathtaking story both on TV or on stage is magnificent for all time,  so the demand of both lion king tickets and lion king musical tickets has been high since always. Although the story is matchless as it narrates the lifeline of wild animals, loving and hating each other for several interesting reasons, but there exists a great difference between watching it on TV and on stage. Many people said that they enjoyed it more on stage but many of them kept a completely opinion and said that they enjoyed the story more on TV.  Even though the story line of both is same, but one needs to know what are the main differences between its presentation on stage and on TV. Some of the major differences are given below to make it easier for you to decide that either you want to buy Lion King musical tickets or want to watch it on big screen.

The Lion King Musical Tickets

Difference of Character

There is a big difference of a major character between the Lion King Musical and the film, probably it’s the biggest difference. The character “Rafiki” seen as a male character in the film has been changed into a female character in the Broadway version. The producers and the directors gave a proper reason for this change which is considered to be acceptable by many but was not accepted by numerous people. According to them, the film was lacking a really strong female character. So for the sake of adding a really strong female character, this male character was transformed into the female one.

Difference of scenes

This is obvious that both the TV and Broadway are completely different modes to present, anything looking good on TV might not appeal pleasant on stage and same is the case with the things and scenes appearing pleasing good on stage might not turn out to be appealing on TV. So whatever is to be shown has to be molded according to the mode. Same is the case with ‘The Lion King Musical’, which has numerous new scenes which are not there in the film.

There is scene of conversation between Zazu and Musafa, this scene is created for the Broadway and it was not in the film. This is not the only scene which is newly created for the Broadway, there is another scene in which Timon falls into a waterfall and is about to be drowned in that, Simba is there trying to help him but feels so powerless to help him. There is another major scene which is created for Broadway and that is insanity of the King Scar, when this mentally sick and retarded villain attempts to make Nala his mate. Nala resists by saying no to him and claims the reason to say goodbye to this Pride Land.

Difference of Songs

There are a couple of songs produced especially for the Broadway, these songs are not present in the film. As Broadway is another type of mode of presenting things, so special songs have been produced for it to enhance its influence and impact.  The song which Simba and Nala sing while running and trying to protect them from Hyenas has been replaced by a new song is called “Chow Down”. There are several other songs which have been replaced in the musical which include ‘Be Prepared’ and many others as well.


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  1. Went to see this show as a present for my partner absolutely magical experience that has stayed with us for a long time would recommend this show for family and anyone else who are into musicals.

  2. The kids absolutely loved it. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, the costumes and the beautiful singing. Pemba and Timon were favorites. It was everything we expected plus more.

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