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I Loved Watching Wicked Musical for Following Reasons

Musicals always appeal me a lot because they are a complete entertainment as they are a very fine amalgamation of mesmerizing dance, mind blowing music, striking story and tongue catching lyrics blended with ultimate joy. I hardly miss any musicals being staged close to my place, but last month the musical Wicked was being presented but I was unable to spare time out. I heard so much about the musical that every second person was talking about it that I managed time, bought Wicked Tickets and went to witness this hot musical. So many things impressed me in the show, the story was no doubt was amazing, but along with that the things that made me say ‘Wao’ are following.

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  • Sets

The 1st thing that massively impressed me like anything was the sets of Wicked. They were huge, beautiful and well designed. They were simply jaw dropping, I had never seen such elaborated and perfectly designed set before. Especially the gigantic mechanical dragon that was on the top portion of the stage, was amazingly appealing. If I am not wrong this dragon was worth at least three-quarters of the price for admission. The set was really jaw dropping. The main idea of the set was this that you are looking straight into a giant sized clock with all its mechanisms and gears. The part I loved about the set of Wicked was Glinda’s bubble machine. The entire set impressed me so much that I really want to go again for watching the show.

  • Music

Musical word reflects that the music has an essential role in these sorts of theatrical performances, as it is known to everyone that Wicked is a musical and watching it reflects that how much emphasis has been paid on music, which is really nice. While watching Wicked I had a great attention on the music, the first song of the musical ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’, badly absorbed me in the show as it as actually mind blowing. I stayed lost in the music and the lyrics of the musical throughout the show, and found them brilliant and incredible.

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  • Acting

Even if the musical has outstanding sets and mind blowing music, songs and lyrics, but the actors don’t act well, the entire production will turn out to be a trash. The character I fell in love with was of Glinda, this role was played by Dianne Pilkington. She had really high pitched voice that used to ascend high in full bloom. Acting done by Kerry Ellis was good as well, she was doing the role of Elphaba, though she was the main character but I loved Glinda for her acting.

I loved watching Wicked, as I think it’s the best musical I have ever watched. Do miss watching this marvelous musical which is going to take you to a magical world and leaves you with an unforgettable experience. So buy your wicked tickets now and rush to watch this worth watching show. If you desire you buy the tickets at a price that you always desired for then visit AskaTicket, buy your Cheap Wicked Tickets and enjoy watching this amazing show.



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