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justin bieber - snl

Justin Bieber Wants To Focus On Music Than Girlfriends

Justin Bieber is making new progress in his career and as well as in his love life with Selena Gomez. No doubts, Selena has a big hand behind Justin Bieber’s music career now. He already tried his best to produce enough good songs for Selena and his fans. However, earlier this month, Justin Bieber launched the new version of its music album ‘Believe’ – Acoustic Version. In the latest music album launch, he has sung two and more songs specially for Selena Gomez to win her heart back. Now, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are couple once again, and everything appears to be pretty fine between them.

justin bieber - snl

On the other hand, Justin Bieber is again making his rounds to music nights across the country to promote his newly launched acoustic album of ‘Believe’. He said to be in New York City to gear up his upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and reportedly stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s late night show to have an exclusive word to his audience. In an interview, Justin Bieber reveals his upcoming plans for the musical career and expresses how he is serious about the fans following-ship.

Justin shared insights on his acoustic album:

“I wanted to basically strip it down so it’s just me and an acoustic guitar. Some of it is me and a piano but most of it is just raw me. I think the fans really like it because its just kind of how I started. I started with just me on the internet. Not really with all the produced pop music and so it’s just that it’s just really mellowed down and I feel like it’s made for all ages.”

He completely shares his music experience in the acoustic album, where he said to be alone with guitar and piano.

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