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lil twist justin bieber

Lil Twist and Justin Bieber Working On New Single, Launching This Week!

It appears Lil Twist is not only a pal of Justin Bieber, he’s is also a co-worker. It might be a bit shocking for you to know the close relationship of Lil Twist and Justin Bieber. Even there were several reports suggesting Lil Twist is an indirect reason of Justin Bieber’s break up with Selena. Moreover, it is also broadcasted on media that Lil Twist Company is not good for Justin right after they both get caught while enjoying marijuana in the hotel room.  However it is now reported Lil Twist and Justin are working together on something, as the Lil Twist manager repeatedly mention Justin Bieber and Lil Twist in his twitter feed.

lil twist justin bieber

They both are doing some kind of music singles, and these days are in touch very deep. Lil Twist and Justin Bieber also get the media highlight after Justin and Barbara Palvin caught at the Broadway musical show “The Lion King”. We have noticed since the break-up of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, both get spotted more than usual times. And at the end, Mazy Kazerooni, the marketing head of Lil Twist is posting about Justin Bieber and hinting he will going to be the most followed artist in the world. It directly hints the new music launch featuring both Justin and Lil Twist once again. We are very excited to learn more about the upcoming gig.


Justin Bieber and Lil Twists are supposed to be very good friends, and well connected with each other. They both have worked together on Justin’s ‘Baby’ video in 2010. Since the shooting of Baby, both Justin and Lil Twist gained lots of attention from the media and other pals in the industry.


Below are the tickets to some upcoming concerts of Justin Bieber:



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  1. Justin and company look great, in a Walking Dead kind of way.

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