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Louis One Direction

One Direction: After Harry Styles, Louis Now Busy In Love Scandal

What do you have to say now! The One Direction boys are heavily connected with each other, and following each others steps in their career and personal life. In the last couple of months, we only have seen Harry Styles commanding One Direction decisions due to high press pressure on the band member due to Harry’s deep relationship with Taylor Swift. However, as we all know the Haylor is now split up due to Harry and Taylor Swift fight with each other during their lovely vacation in the Virgin Islands.

It appears now rest of One Direction members are looking to do same with their careers, as the Harry relationship with Taylor drives lot of attention to their band, and now everyone is striking his best to gain more popularity than others. It is reported Louis the most silent member of One Direction is now turning into a game player with a new serious relationship with his girlfriend.

Louis One Direction

According to the report posted on One Direction blog, it is mentioned Louis is getting serious day by day with his girlfriend, and he has no plans for doing any teenage drama with his life. He is just striking his luck directly with his girlfriend. Louis has started speaking about his relationship with a dark-black hair blonde (girlfriend) Eleanor Calder.

Speaking with Seventeen mag, Louis said:

“Aside from the fact that she’s hot, she had everything that I was looking for. She’s funny, loud and confident.”

Usually it takes a while for someone to say they love the other, but in Louis’ case it didn’t take too long, as he said:

“I’m not the type of guy who enjoys being single. I told her I loved her after five months. I didn’t just wake up one day and think I was in love – I knew it in my heart.”


So what do you say now about One Direction’s Louis? Is he really interested in his girlfriend or just want to get some attention across the nation?

While One Direction seems to be busy in developing their media reputation strong, we think you are here because you care about One Direction guys! So, how many of you have really attended their concert?

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