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Rihanna Takes On Chris Brown With New Sexy Photo Shoot

She is Rihanna, and no one can stop her from throwing sexy photo shoots in the media. Chris Brown must be having a real good time with Rihanna. Because Rihanna is looking damn hot and sexy in her new outfit photo shoot for the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Rihanna – the sexy singer comes right in front of the camera lens to pump the her lovers across the world. She got a spot on the front page of Rolling Stone with her new sexy outfit photo shoot.


Rihanna just released a new round of her sexy images in the public, and all of them were and never shared before in the public. RiRi goes in front of the camera lens for the Rolling Stone’s this month’s issue, and posed in a white bodysuit with no bra on! She is wearing a couple of gold chains, and shows off her amazing collection of tattoos on her body.  Rihanna’s issue of Rolling Stone has already hit the shelf, and the special issue of Rolling Stone also contains some precious words of RiRi about her and Chris Brown relationship.

According to the report, Rihanna shared her views about Chris Brown and how she changed his man, in an interview with Rolling Stone. By the way, in a photo shoot she looks hot and very sexy. These days, she is trying her best to get Chris Brown back in her life.


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