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Mamma Mia Muscial Theatre

Watch Mamma Mia the Musical To Help Sophie in Finding Her Identity

Mamma Mia is a musical play based on the legendary musical group songs ABBA. ABBA was the popular band of the 70’s they used to perform on melodious tones. A few years before Mamma Mia the musical play was designed and ABBA songs were inducted in this classical tale to add thrill. Up till now more than 50 million audiences from the entire world has been falling in love with the Mamma Mia Tickets. It’s not just the story but the characters , music and cast that feels fans that it’s a good show.

Mamma Mia Muscial Theatre


The mythical tale is written by British playwright Catherine Johnson. The cast is headed by Meryl Streep who is also playing a significant role of Sophie’s mother! Mamma Mia is the classical story of a young girl who wants her real identification before the day of her marriage. In the entire story she struggles but what happens in the end to see this you need to experience this live musical? Let’s help Sophie to find her father? Get Mamma Mia Tickets now to know more about this worthy classical tale!

Mamma Mia! Is a tale derived from the Greek islands! This sunny funny story engulfs the entire theater with the heart-pushing tale of Sophie. She’s just 20 years old and after a few hours will be converted into nuptials with her fiancé sky. But the extreme wish before her marriage is to find out her real father who can participate in the wedding! She finds herself helpless because whenever she asked her mother about this she always failed to satisfy her daughter! But one day Sophie finds a clue in her mother’s room, she finds a diary on which she’s written about three Sophie thinks surely among them one would be her father so without awaring her mother she calls the three members on the wedding!

On the day of the wedding the three guys came! Donna Sophie’s mother her old friends she was shocked but really happy to see them, at the same time Sophie again asks the same question about her father but what happens here to find this answer come at your nearest arena! Don’t you forget to support her because her destiny entirely based on her identity she will not get married until she finds her identity! Le’s take our steps towards theatre to encourage Sophie and see how she finds her father?

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The mythical story invites everyone towards the stage because it’s also a reflection of English society. If you in depth many truths will be revealed in front of you because it’s a transparent picture of the 20th century. It was an era when the people of the society had complete liberty even a single woman was indulged in multiple affairs. But Catherine thinks its disgusting she thinks women must never lose its virginity! If once it will happen the reverence will never come back. The same vision is seen in Jane Austen she also disgusts such kind of women who never care about her chastity. Donna does the same act and at the end she is looked down by her own daughter and Sophie refuses to get married until she will find her father!

Mamma Mia is a popular musical play that describes a mythical tale of young girl Sophie! She desperately wants to find her father but every time she confronts dismal. Before her wedding again without informing her mother she calls some strange guys from whom she expects to be her father? But what happens to see the conclusions you need to get you Mamma Mia Tickets!



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