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Why You Should Watch The Lion King Musical In 2013

Let’s Share The Spectacular Of the Lion King Musical……………… Reasons Behind This Success

Walt Disney is always appreciated to entertain kids. It has the same level of thrill for all age audiences. Whenever it comes to Walt Disney production the very first musical comes to mind is The Lion King Musical! But the question is that what’s the reason that audiences always prefer this amalgamated show? What factors made this animated show different? Why it’s still grabbing the attention of adults and kids too? What are the reasons that now it’s Broadway’s longest running show? Well to get answer of these questions? And to solve this riddle you need to watch The Lion King musical with the Cheap Lion King Tickets!

This world’s renowned story is adapted for big screens due to its innovative-ness, the enchanting sounds of music, exemplifying performance. Walt Disney has up till now presented innumerable musical plays injecting modern elements. The lion king supported this to win the accolade “Modern Animated Classic”. At its release it pesky and daring story of animals stunned the audiences! This Simba’s pride musical has two and half hour duration.

The Lion King Tickets 2013

I think Disney’s main purpose is to give gifts audiences every time. And it will be not wrong to say that they are money making gadget who knows what the fans want to see? They have detached the theatre lobby by introducing a queue of entertainment.  When I went to see this jungle world I also got an opportunity to go back stage where I saw most modern renovations that leaves an impact on the mind. It’s a 32nd Walt Disney production. I think it’s not this production that makes it different and highly grossing show but some other factors are also involved in this:         


The Lion King musical is brought back to stage with some grasping changes. I really enjoyed the opening song, scene as well the eye catchy costumes all came out with “the Circle of life”. It’s the perfect blend of choreography, scenic design, costumes, dance and music. The opening act really causes to freeze your eyes.

The entire wardrobe is settled by Julie Taymor. She has placed each color in the exact place. Every animal has its own significant persona and liquefied movements just as the beast it presented. There’s no use of furry through costumes. From the beginning I got the theme as it’s not melodramatic musical but a different type stage adaptation. When the flock of animals step by step came on stage I totally lost my soul as how is it possible the imitation of huge animals. The gigantic sized puppets rotating on stage! It was all just like breathing animals! The spectacular gave the same response as I was feeling truly saying The Lion King Musical Tickets were not worthless.

The Lion King Musical 2013

The Puppets

Here are innumerable factors are responsible for the success of the Lion King Musical. From the color of the costume to the puppets everything is the hallmark of its success. The most interesting thing is that puppets are visible to the audiences and they are extremely real designed through the help of human beings. It generates twin fold phenomenon as on one side audience keep toggling between the puppets in action and the puppeteers in action! As far I consider myself I was totally captivated in the show and that’s why I want to repeat this experiencethrough buying Discount The Lion King Musical Tickets.

Some Facts You Need To Know About Puppets:

  • Approximately 100 puppets have been used to organize this live theatrical musical.
  • This musical covers all kinds of puppets ranging from dowel puppets to the thousands-of-years-old shadow puppets!
  • It’s said more than 37,000 is taken to shape up these attractive puppets and to complete them with their convoluted costumes.
  • Through Lion King 25 different kinds of flora and fauna specimens are used.
  • The maximum sized puppet is a 26-foot flying giraffes
  • The minimum sized puppet is 5-inch trick mouse


Why You Should Watch The Lion King Musical In 2013:

I hope you guys don’t need any reasons to get your ticket book for the The Lion King (Musical). I have already shared the most interesting facts and the reasons why it is very successful among the other shows. The Lion King is said to be the top most growing shows over the holiday season.

However, if you are about to get yourself ready for The Lion King Musical, just ping us here! We have a special discount for our readers on The Lion King Musical theater.





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  1. The lion king is one of my favorite show i had see many times… Due to my favorite Theater i want this show is organize every weekend near my house theater ….I wish in new year its first show start neat my home…

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