Jay Leno Tickets

Jay Leno Tickets

Jay leno is an American standup comedian who is recognized by his pointing chin and widely known for his hilarious antics. Every time he steps on the stage, the Jay Leno tickets become the bestsellers. He has been hosting the program ‘The Tonight Show’ since 1992. He also started a premium talk show in 2009 whose title was “The Jay Leno Shows”.




Jay Leno Tickets

Jay Leno’s weekly night program on aired at 10 pm at Eastern Time, UTC-5 and also on NBC. Because of some controversies the show stopped in January 2010. After that he started to host The Tonight Show again. Hurry up! Buy Cheap Jay Leno tickets and enjoy watching him cracking up his audience. Leno never stops touring circuits throughout the year. Currently Jay Leno tour is on its way and Jay Leno Tour Tickets are on sale. Jay Leno is also offering his comedy at different clubs of the country. He is not only liked by the grownups but the younger generation also like him very much. 

He has written two bestselling kids book named "How to Be the Funniest Kid in the Whole Wide World" and "If Roast Beef Could Fly" ‘The Tonight Show’ is a segmented program in which Jay invites guests. With an ongoing comedy throughout the program there are the segments like "Headlines," "Jaywalking" and "Battle of Jaywalking All-Stars." It gives a humorous and unique look to the daily happenings. The political affairs are also discussed at his show. It is the first late night show who has invited President Obama in his show. His style and personality is as ordinary as ’everyone’ which helped him to earn a million of fans worldwide. He uses to keep an acquaintance with the audience by shaking hands with them and by one to one conference with the audience. He possesses the same humble style whether he is performing in a small club or on his weekly shows. Jay Leno is considered to be one of the nicest and the hardest working celebrity on show business who says that "Anyone can have a life - careers are hard to come by!" He is one of the most popular socialites as he has interacted with a lot of worldwide super stars. He is praised for his pure humor and sarcastic remarks. Enjoying his show live will give you a better chance to laugh out loud at his all new jokes and some older quips as well just by booking Jay Leno Concert Tickets. To know where is he doing his next performance and in which theatre, you need to see Jay Leno Schedule which is also available here at Askaticket.

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