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Cricket is a sport that has been played almost all over the world for many decades.  It originated in England and is popular and famous sports especially in south Asia.  Sometimes it is also referred as the Gentleman’s Game. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between 2 rival teams comprising of 11 players on each side in an almost circle shaped ground. The center of the ground contains a pitch which is rectangular in shape and length is equal to 66 feet. The teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of an innings or pre defined no. of ours as decided by the match organizers. There are 12 countries which play the cricket internationally.

The origins of cricket dates back to 16th century in England from there onwards it spread quickly to Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka and more recently Zimbabwe.  The Cricket World Cup which occurs every 4 years is still fifty over game and each over is of 6 balls. Very latest development is that there is new World Cup termed as 20-20 World Cup that has gained tremendous popularity all around the world.  The world cup has totally changed the traditional mode of the cricket; now it’s fast and furious. Although Cricket is not the national game of England but is more popular in the subcontinent.

The international body of cricket is an International Cricket Council called ICC and is permanently based in Dubai, UAE. It governs and designs the laws and regulations of this game and appoints umpires and officials wherever cricket is played officially.  Have the latest updates on Cricket schedule and coming Cricket Games in your city. Buy your Discount Cricket Tickets at AskaTicket Now!

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