Arizona Cardinals Tickets

Arizona Cardinals Tickets

Arizona Cardinals is one of the oldest American Football Club. They are member of National Football Club, West division. The team constitutes a colorful history. This team keeps on surprising even after facing so many bummers. Are you a fan? Book Arizona Cardinals tickets from askaticket and cheer your favorite team.




Arizona Cardinals Tickets

About Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals is one of the oldest American football team in the United States. They became an organization in 1898, starting from that day the Cardinals undergo many name changes over 45 years. In 1899 they were known as Racine Normals. According to the sources of Pro Football Hall of Fame website, Chris O’Brien, the guy who established the franchise, bought second hand jerseys from University of Chicago, the color of the jerseys was faded maroon red. He defined the color of jerseys as Cardinal Red, and they played on Racine Street, so the name was changed to Racine Cardinals. From that point onwards the team was always known as the Cardinals. Get complete information on Arizona Cardinals schedule and buy your Cardinals Football tickets now, support your team.

History of Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals holds the honor of being one of two charter members of the NFL league today. They entered NFL in 1920 by the name of the Chicago Cardinals but later changed name to Arizona Cardinals.  The team at one time played in St. Louis and Windy City but after that they started playing in Glendale, Arizona. In 2008 season Cardinals made their way up to the Super Bowl thanks to their quarterback Kurt Warner. Unfortunately was not able to win from Pittsburgh Steelers but it was one of the most astonishing game in Super Bowls history. Now days the Cardinals are in their most arousing era because of their powerful defense and an offense built with igniting players. Fans are desperate to know how far they will go to earn the title. See Arizona Cardinals play by booking your Cheap Arizona Cardinals tickets now! from Askaticket.