Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional baseball team in Los Angeles, California. They are member of National League of West Division. They were founded in 1883, but moved to Los Angeles in 1958. They have six World Series title, twenty one National League Pennants, one AA Pennants, thirteen West Division titles and two Wild Card berths. Who would want to miss a Dodgers game? Book your Cheap Dodger Tickets from Askaticket 

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Dodgers Tickets

LA Dodgers tickets are just ready to take over the current season buy them and have a blast season. Los Angeles Dodgers is a professional baseball team established in 1883, based in Los Angeles California. The team is one of the most successful members of Major League Baseball. Dodgers originated in Brooklyn, New York but it moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Their current home field ‘Dodgers Stadium’ is the third oldest stadium in the history of MLB. The Dodgers are the winner of 6 World Series titles and 21 National League Pennants. 12 Rookie of the Year award winners are also produced by the team. Team played their first game in Los Angeles in 1958. The basic reason of team’s success is their strong starting pitching staff.  This time again the team wants their fans to buck them up in the play ground so buy Cheap Dodger tickets and join the team live!

They make an early score which is usually five scores a game and then the pitcher manages the game from there. In spite of an extremely tough season of 2011, still the team managed to finish with a record of 82-79. Because of some financial problems the Dodgers had to go through a rough patch. To know about the dates of the matches, their stadium and the opponent teams, you can study the Dodgers Schedule present here. Select your preferable date of visit and reserve them on Askaticket. If you are interested in saving your money purchase discount tickets using our promo code. Other than these sports tickets we also offer the tickets of many other entertaining events at the cheapest competitive price. Tickets of ‘Cirque du Soliel’ are also available so don’t worry if your kids are interested to attend a unique kind of circus.