Nhl Playoffs Tickets

Nhl Playoffs Tickets

NHL playoffs is an elimination tournament which is played at the end of the NHL season eight conference teams who have qualified from two conferences in order to determine the NHL champions. This is based on teams’ points of the season. The teams qualified from the playoffs, compete each other in what we call the Stanley Cup Championship. Catch the action life by grabbing your NHL Playoff Tickets.

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NHL Playoffs Tickets

The NHL playoffs have always been a part of hockey, since 1917, the Stanley Cup ownership has been shared among the different leagues but in 1926, NHL took over the championship cup. If it is to be compared with other major professional sports league, upsets in NHL playoffs are common. This is due to the reason that two teams playing each other go through a series of seven matches, rather than playing with different team every time. The team has two win at least four matches to win the series.

In 2013 NHL Playoffs which started on April 30, 2013, was moved to later dates and regular season was shortened to 48 games. This was due to a lockout. The winner of the Stanley Cup finals was Chicago Blackhawks they defeated Boston Bruins 4-2. The series ended on June 24, 2013. In these playoffs Toronto Maple Leaf’s qualified for the playoffs breaking one of the longest droughts in NHL history. Since 1996, it was marked first time that Original Six teams that made it to the NHL playoffs at the same time.

In 2014 NHL Playoffs which started on April 16, 2014. Since 1973, it was first time that only one Canadian team qualified for the playoffs. On the other hand Detroit Red Wings increased their consecutive appearance of playoffs to 23 seasons; this is the 5th longest streak in National Hockey League history. In six years for the first time Dallas Star qualified in postseason games, this 3rd among the longest active playoff droughts in the league. The Stanley Cup Final took place between New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings. The Kings won series by 4-1. After winning the final they became the first team that reached the Stanley Cup Finals by playing seven game series in a row.

The 2015 NHL Playoffs started on April 15, 2015 and is currently in progress. The playoffs have reached to semi finals. Grab your NHL tickets of your favorite team from Askaticket and support them during their play.