Annie Tickets

Annie Tickets

Story of an orphan girl, Annie, and her dog Sandy are sent in luxury for around a week as for a publicity campaign ran for Oliver Warbucks. She learns some new things and gradually makes her way in everybody’s heart. The musical features songs like “Tomorrow” and “It’s the Hard Knock Life”. Now is your chance to get Annie Musical tickets from askaticket and catch the show live in your nearest theater.




Annie Musical Tickets

Annie Broadway shows the days of depression in year 1933. An orphan girl, Annie, 11 years old lives in the Municipal Orphanage on Lower Side of the New York. Miss Hannigan is a greedy in charge of the orphanage. Annie decides to run from the orphanage and find her parents, but she failed to do so. On the other Grace Farrel, secretary of millionaire Oliver Warbucks is searching for an orphan that he can take back with him to Warbucks house to celebrate Christmas. Despite the disappointment that Grace didn’t find him an orphan boy, Warbucks still helps Annie to find her parents by conducting a nationwide search. Miss Hannigan using this to her advantage comes up with an evil plan of sending her brother Rooster and his girl friend Lily, claiming to be parents of Annie. So they can claim the reward along with it. They come to Warbuck’s, took Annie and the reward. But luckily Grace has seen Rooster in Miss Hannigan’s office and smells something fishy. Finally their fraud has been caught in this duration it was found out that Annie’s real parents are died. Oliver Warbuck’s adopts Annie and invented her fellow orphans to Christmas dinner. 

Annie The Musical

Annie the Musical is designed in such a way that in one insistence they are in orphanage and on other in a palace which feels so real. The little details are so fascinating which will make you love the show even more. The costumes are perfectly designed which gives you the real feel on of 1933 depressions. Like Kinky Boots, Annie the Musical also shows her love for family. Watching Broadway Shows like this makes you realize that how much family is important, that we should see from the eyes of the ones who have lost their family. To be a part of this emotional story get your Annie Broadway tickets


Annie Broadway

Awww” A simple yet strong review by The New York Times. The first scene of the show when the girl enters the stage and sits by the dog makes audience say only one thing “Awww”. This Broadway production was opened in 1977 and played for six years, setting a record for the Alvin Theatre and it also won a Tony Award for the Best Musical. So what are you waiting for catch Annie The Musical in your nearest theatre from askaticket at cheap prices. If you want to see something on which you can laugh on The Blue Man Group is the show for you which elevate your mood and make you feel good.