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Menopause Tickets

Menopause the musical tickets are the hilarious celebration of women and change. This show is an extreme delight for people of all age. Menopause the musical has been inspiring and entertaining women from coast-to-coast and internationally. The writer of the musical is Jeane Linders. The story is about the four women who meet by chance in a departmental store with nothing in common. One is an earth mother type, one is a professional, one is a soap star and one is a lowa housewife. After knowing each other they shared experiences of Menopause that include chocolate feasts, mood swings, wrinkles, hot flashes, forgetfulness and night sweats. The more they discuss, the more the y come to know that menopause is not a taboo issue but relates to a normal part of life that should be discussed freely. Grab your Menopause the musical tickets right now to watch the journey these four women take into sisterhood. This joyful and exciting musical parody will have the audience cheering and dancing down the aisle. You can enjoy the whole wonderful event at low cost that is Cheap Menopause the musical tickets.

Menopause the musical crystallizes the whole script, songs and laughter and pours it into an evening of humor and fun. This show has entertained audiences in more than 15 countries and approximately 300 international cities. Menopause the musical schedule has been released to caste its magic in the year 2012. This musical has toured for 132 weeks during 2008 to 2011 in Australia and broke box office records. This show is a 90 minute musical that includes parodies from 60's, 70's and 80's. The show features a collection of humorous and popular songs like “drippin and droppin”, “stayin awake”, “my husband sleeps tonight”, “puff, My God, and I’m draggin ”and“ please make me over”. You can enjoy healthy dialogues about issues of women's health and aging by becoming a part of Menopause the musical tour. The details of the tour dates have been launched at our website. Hurry up and catch your tickets by checking your suitable date of visit. This musical is simply amazing that provides a peculiar opportunity to boost awareness with female audiences. This show has been a worldwide hit in countries like Australia, England and New Zealand. Don't miss this spectacular event that salutes the women who are experiencing the change.

Women belonging to all ages will find their spirits lifted by the light-hearted look of the show at Menopause. This show is going to be a complete feast for people of any age. To grasp the entertainment of this show AskaTicket and enjoy this wonderful event. We carry affordable ticket options so by using our promo code “AAT” you will get additional discount. We are the best ticket providers at best prices. We never compromise on the quality of tickets. You are not restricted to watch only one event in fact we offer you to watch other exciting and entertaining events as well like the batman live and the War horse. AskaTicket now and get satisfactory services.